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Como instalar Processing 3 en Ubuntu 14.04

Processing generated image by La Térmica, Malaga

How to install Processing 3 in Ubuntu 14.04
06/12/2015 by J. Pérez de Lama

It took me a little while to find out, so here is a little straight forward tutorial

(1) Check if you have Java (prerequisite) either search for openjdk-7-jre in the software center, or type in a terminal to install it:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre

(2) Download Processing (in my case it’s Linux-64 bit) into the Downloads folder from

The file name for Linux64-bit is: processing-3.0.1-linux64.tgz

* You need to pay attention in future Processing versions to type the right file name in the terminal commands below. Here the name of the decompressed file becomes processing-3.0.1

(3) Decompress (extract) tgz file in the Downloads folder by double clicking on it.

Now open a terminal and go on:

(4) Relocate Processing into the System Folder. First change permissions:

sudo su -c «chown -R root:root Downloads/processing-3.0.1»

(5) Then move from Downloads to /opt folder:

sudo su -c «mv Downloads/processing-3.0.1 /opt/processing»

(6) Add Processing to Ubuntu Path

sudo su -c «ln -s /opt/processing/processing /usr/local/bin/processing»

(7) To run Processing type in terminal:


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